SIManager: Transfer Contacts From And To SIM

One thing we’ve all been missing on the iPhone is the ability to copy/save contacts to/from the SIM card. There were quite a few myths for an app that takes care of this problem, but finally someone did it. The app is developed by Giovanni Chiappini and it is called SIManager.

SIManager is still in beta, has a few bugs and a minimal interface. But just by pressing a button you can read all your contacts and copy them to or from your SIM card. Once the contacts are imported into the iPhone you can modify them according to the iPhone’s functions. The changes will also be visible in SIManager in different colors:

  • Black: the contact has been imported from the SIM
  • Red: the contact has been eliminated
  • Dark Red: the contact has been changed

SIManager is still in Beta , and it is not bug-free. The developer needs accurate feedback , so if you want to try this app you can do it, by adding this repo in Cydia:

Just to make sure, backup your contacts manually! Via SSH go to /private/var/mobile/Library and backup “AddressBook”.


  • Previous release didn’t display correctly the maximum number of contacts you can save. Now it is fixed and appears at the top, next to the name of the application
  • Added a new and convenient feature that allows us to delete all the contacts in the SIM by tapping a button
  • Fixed several bugs and improved overall performance


  • Proper relocation of the international codes that are now being reported correctly
  • The option “Add to Sim” will automatically reduce the name to 14 characters, limit imposed by the SIM. preview of how the name appears in the SIM.
  • Added “Copy to SIM iPhone, which will take all your iPhone contacts and register them in the SIM, merging them with the other items already available in the SIM
  • Spaces and special characters are removed
  • Added the ability to move quickly in the SIM number list with a double tap on the bar at the top that says “SIManager (xxx)”