Shazam Updated With Multi-Track Purchase, Recommendations, Music Previews and More…



Shazam for iPhone and iPad has been updated today with multi-track purchase, recommendations, music previews and more. Jump over the break to check out a full changelog for Shazam 6.2.0…

  • Multi-track purchase: When you’ve tagged a bunch of songs, now it’s easy to go back and buy them in one go. Go to My Tags (or Favorites on iPad), tap “Select & Buy”, pick the songs you want, then tap “Buy” to purchase in iTunes.
  • Recommendations: Discover more music based on similar tracks other Shazamers have bought. Shazam any track or find old ones in My Tags, then tap “”Recommendations””.
  • Music Previews: Added loads more previews for tracks you Shazam and trending music in the Pulse charts.
  • Accessibility: Improved Voiceover on iPhone.
  • Sharing is caring: Made it easier to tweet and share on Facebook, or to e-mail music and TV results.

Shazam is available as an universal app in the app store