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HOW TO: Setup Push Hotmail On Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Finally we have an answer to one of your frequent questions. How to setup push hotmail on our iOS devices. See the instructions after the jump, and from now on, you will automatically be notified when a new email hits your inbox.

NOTE: DO NOT send me any emails on this address. This email was created specially for this tutorial and I won’t use it. If I do, it will probably used for spam.

1. Search for on your Springboard and load it ( mine is in the stock folder )

2. In the, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Add account…

4. Select Microsoft Exchange

5. For the Email and Username fields, enter your full email address ( i.e [email protected] ) . Enter your password too, and tap next

6. Server address should be Tap next

7. Select which items you would like to sync and press the Save button

8. Enjoy