saurik: I’ll Release Cydia for Mac When it Works

Back in December, we told you that saurik felt that the same type of store that you find on jailbroken iOS devices, would be useful for Mac OS X devices. The result would be a Mac Cydia, which, at the time, was supposed to be available ‘within weeks’ .

A couple of days later saurik announced that he created a new version of MobileSubstrate which it called, simply, “CydiaSubstrate.” This new version can run on both iOS as well as Mac OS X on the desktop. ”

Today, during his speech at MyGreatFest, saurik explained what exactly happened with Cydia for Mac OS X. At the time of announcement, people didn’t really get the idea of a Cydia for OS X. People can understand the idea of jailbreaking your iPhone, but they couldn’t really comprehend the concept of even metaphorically jailbreak a Mac – which was never the case, it was always about an alternative to the app store. Because of that, saurik didn’t get a lot of support on this project and it kinda get ‘shelved’ hoping that people will care later.

Fast forwarding a few months later, Lion came out with all its new features and now people could make direct analogies between stuff they did on their iOS devices and stuff they do on their Macs. All of a sudden, saurik got a ton of emails from developers and users asking about CydiaSubstrate and Cydia for OS X. So he picked up the project, dusted it off and we’re back on track.

Release date? Nobody knows, not even saurik. His own words were ‘ I’ll release it when it works ‘ . All we have to do is wait, and it will come….