Samsung and Motorola Take Shots at Apple Maps in New Ads

Samsung has worked vigorously to bash Apple in recent print and TV ads, and now Motorola has joined in the melee. Both companies have launched new ads that poke fun at the negative feedback Apple has received regarding its new Maps app.

Motorola recently posted the #iLost ad  on its Facebook and Google+ pages. With the headline “The real world that’s fit for your hand,” Motorola mocks the iPhone and Apple Maps which has been deemed inferior to Google Maps.

Samsung, which is no stranger to Apple bashing, posted an ad (photo #3) with the headline “+1 if you’re about to be helping your friends find their way using Google Maps on your Galaxy phone,” on its Facebook and Google+ pages.

Apple recently released a statement answering the backlash of its Apple Maps, and promised improvements in the near future. Apple better hurry up before Microsoft and RIM start throwing jabs.