RingRing: Make Custom Ringtones For Your iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia: RingRing. This is a ringtone converter based on FFmpeg. Just like FFaac, RingRing was created for high user convenience.

Main features:

  • Fast import from either MxTube or your iPod Library!
  • Also possible: dump files to use into /var/mobile/Media/Convert/
  • Import multiple files at once
  • Run conversion in background
  • It’s free!
  • High or normal quality audio!
  • Plays a sound when it’s done
  • Mailing function
  • Set a point from where your ringtone will start!
  • Enter a custom duration, use 60 seconds or full length tracks!
  • Run as root to immediatly move your newly created ringtones to the respective directory
  • Creates it’s own database!

NOTE: This will not add icons to your SpringBoard. This is a command-line utility for using from SSH or MobileTerminal
NOTE: Do not use RingRing if you’re infringing copyrights.This tool uses FFmpeg and it’s audio codecs. Use of FFmpeg may be illegal in your country of residence, I’m in no way to be held responsible for you using it. Check back with your local embassy or whatever. Use at your own risk.

You can get RingRing for free from Cydia via BigBoss repo…

How to use it: