RevMobile: Innovative Development Tool For iPhone Apps, WinMo and Maemo

RevMobile is an innovative development tool for iPhone Apps, Windows Mobile and Maeamo. This tool seems interesting because, it seems very easy to use. The language on which it is based, is very similar to spoken English , and it doesn’t require complicated algorithms.

Once you are done with your app, the software will be able to translate it in Objective-C or other programming languages used by the other platforms. RevMobile is available in 3 different editions: “Media”, “Studio” or “Enterprise”.

It is currently only available in pre-alpha version for Windows Mobile.Pre-release program participation is available today for $799 and this includes access to all pre-release versions as they become available, together with the shipping version and 1-year of updates (a further $399 value). Additionally for a limited time we are including the RunRevLive.10 Simulcast ($399 value) and the RunRevLive.10 DVD set ($249) with this pre-order.

More information on the official site.