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NEWS: PayUpSucker… iOS 5 Update Adds TETHERING EASTEREGG!!

As I’m sure your acutely aware, just about every app in the store is getting an update for 5.0. Most of them are pretty minor, just fixing bugs and such that are inherent with a major iOS update. Some however, have undergone a major upgrade. As such they demand our attention. One such app is PayUpSucker, by our own Rob Thomas.

While most devs are adding basic 5.0 functionality and calling it a day, Rob has gone an extra step and brought us some pretty great new features that I’m pretty sure EVERYONE would appreciate. I speak of one in particular, but I’ll save that one for last (scroll down if your impatient).

First and foremost, the app is pretty simple. As you can see in the screenshots, it’s exactly what you would expect from an IOU type app. All a user has to do, is select. Whether they are the debtor, or the deadbeat, tap on the notepad, and type out what you owe/are owed. After which you can simply tap the top three sections of the pad (left for email, middle for a tweet using the spiffy new 5.0 integrated tweet thing, and right to snap a screen shot to deal with later) to get it out to whomever needs it.

At face value, that’s pretty much it. The real story of this app lies in its less obvious features.

For example, I for one took offense that apple blocked me for using those fun little smily faces just because I don’t live in Japan. I kinda felt like they owed me better. If you feel the same, then do something about it! Open up the app and send a UOMe to apple… Type “Getmoji!” in the field. Like magic, Tim Cook will reach out threw cyberspace and enable it for you! How awesome is that? We all know our favorite company will don’t practically anything to make us happy, but how’s instant gratification for you?

I know your excited about that little gem, but the best is yet to come.

On the topic of being owed things, I think it’s bull that I have unlimited data on my iPhone, but I can’t use it any way I want it. Really what is that all about?! Send Your carrier a message that you aren’t going to put up with their BS any more! Open up a new IOU and enter “Its my data”. This is where it gets interesting.

That’s right! This seemingly innocuous little app is, in fact a full fledged tethering app! Take that Apple/AT&T!

Upon entering that fun little phrase above, you are now a tethering hotspot(well not a true hotspot, you need a jailbreak for that… but this is the next best thing, proxy tethering)! Not just that, but unlike many apps in the past, with proper setup, you can even use it to tether to your iPad! Be advised though, this IS tethering and it IS against your carriers TOS. So be ready to face the music bid they catch you… That said, as Steve would say, if your still “hungry” for tethering bliss, and “foolish” enough to use that data your paying for, then read on.

Here are the details…

1. Create an AirPort Network on you computer, ie name it tether or something more uniquely.

2. Connect your iPhone and iPad to it. The iPhone and iPad should now know about the Network and the computer should not be necessary. Though I have experienced a few times that the iPad and iPhone have forgotten the iProxy network if they have auto-connected to another previously known network.

3. Enter a static IP address and a mask on the iPhone, ie and

4. Start PayUpSucker! and choose the IOU screen Type “Its my data” not quotes, no apostrophe.

5. Enter a static IP address and a mask on the iPad, ie and

6. Select HTTP Proxy Auto and enter as the URL. If you entered a different IP number for the iPhone you should use that in the url. Maybe you need to do this a couple of times for it to stick.

7. Have Fun.  “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…”

And there you have it! Go get this little gem in a hurry because it will likely be gone before you know it. You can get it now from the app store for the low price of just $.99. What are you waiting for… Go get it!

Here’s a video on how to do it. Hopefully this will help…