Review: MagPul Executive Field Case… Tactically Simple Protection

For the aspiring war fighter/law enforcement officer, its very hard to stay up on tech. Not because its not available, but because most cool devices are so damn fragile. Take the iPhone for example. You jump from that black hawk and fast-rope down to the city street below, only to find that after getting that angry birds lvl in on the way into the drop point you forgot to properly secure your favorite iDevice.


As you leaned out of the chopper it slipped right out of your pocket and is now a ball of broken glass. Why wasn’t it in a case? Have you seen those things?! With enough life-proof and otter box cases it is my firm belief that you could very easily build a structurally sound bunker!  They are HUGE and all that bulk makes them unwieldy. If only there was some way to provide halfway decent protection in a slim profile, while still being tough enough for duty…

Enter MagPul.

Now, if you are familiar with weapons and such, this company should not be all that new to you. I personally have several of their products adorning my M4 and find their magazines an absolute must while in a hostel environment. It is because of this that while on a recent trip to the post exchange I stopped to take a second look at these case offerings. They really didn’t look like much, and I had never heard of their case line before, but as stated before, I like the brand… and the price was right ($9.95). Not  to mention, my new 4S was still naked at the time and I figured if it worked for a few days till I got back to life, it would be worth the money.

Boy was it ever.

I have personally owned literally hundreds of these kind of cases (tpu style). Most of which are ill fitting, flimsy, and in this reviewers opinion crazy expensive. This little $9.95 wonder blew them all away.

This little gem is made of the same propitiatory polymer that MagPul uses on all of its tac gear. Its very hard and protective, yet is flexible enough to easily apply/remove it from your device. Its also very grippy. But not in a bad way. Even with wet oily hands you wont drop it, yet it wont stick to fabric(it will slip in and out of your pocket with ease). Its designed to simply “snap” onto your 4/4s and it does just that. Nice and snug.

All the ports line up perfectly and as an added bonus, they have provided a nice tactile texture to the various buttons making them easy to find and activate in packet, even while wearing gloves. Its also tiny, hardly adding any real bulk to the phone. Finally, and one of my biggest gripes about most of these types of cases, unlike most of the cases in this class, the edge wraps around the screen very cleanly. Just enough to keep the glass from contacting the desk, but not enough to hinder manipulating the outermost edges of the screen.

This case can be found here or at your local (px or bx), and comes in an assortment of tactical color choices… and hot pink for the ladies in the bunch. At $9.95, this one is worth picking up, either before your next deployment or otherwise.