Review: IRC Client Linkinus For iPad

With all of the new Jailbreak info buzzing around, and the overload of new leaks everyday, how are you supposed to keep up? Well, to start check back here. You can also follow all of the devs on Twitter and see what they are working on. But if you want to really keep up to date, or get some hands on help when you need it, there is one place to go. IRC. Internet chat relay. All the major players in the Jailbreak community have their own servers and a multitude of channels for keeping you busy. Plenty of leaks and new apps have been found out just by hanging around and listening. Remember to lend a hand when ever you can, these are giving people, not takers.

And if you’re gonna be on IRC on your iPad, you need a client. Linkinus, is the one most often praised in the dev community, and the iPad version is no slouch. It is a little on the pricy side at $7.99, but the developers are committed to giving you rapid updates, and making their app as full featured as any desktop client.

Linkinus uses the landscape view of the pad to its fullest keeping a list of servers and rooms on the left hand side, making it easy to switch channel to channel, and server to server. Portrait mode is just a simple lay out of the channel you are already in, so landscape is the way I think its intended to be most useful. Auto connect makes using the client a breeze, as it keeps all of your user names and passwords ready to go. So all you have to do is open the app, and you can get right to it.

There are a few minor issues, that I think would make the app a 100% winner. I would hope that the developers would add status counters to show how many new conversations are in a channel while you were out, but still connected. And a quick fill of User names to make replying directly a little easier, and fluid.

Over all Linkinus does it well, it doesn’t have every feature in the book, but the ones it has, it executes well.

So head on out to IRC, and maybe you’ll catch wind of the next big leak, or maybe just help someone else out in the community that needs it.