Review: iCarbons Smart Cover Kit For The iPad 2

First of all, let me just say that I am doing this review because I am a HUGE fan of this company’s product. They did NOT reach out to us for this review. I’m just very happy with how it turned out and wanted to share.

As we have previously covered in an earlier post, are the makers of some pretty sweet protective skins for your assorted electronic devices. They come in many cool patterns, such as black carbon fiber, white carbon fiber, and various different types of wood.

I took advantage of the WWDC promotion and picked up the smart cover kit to match the black carbon fiber skin already on my iPad. It arrived in just 2 days from the time I got my “order processed” email. Gotta love ultra fast shipping.

The product itself arrived in a flat mailer stuck to some 3m filament paper (like most of their products). The application was a breeze! Took all of maybe two minutes to get it perfect. As seen in the pictures it looks AMAZING! Additionally, like their other products, it feels great in hand and provides for an excellent gripping experience.

It should be noted that although the black carbon fiber on black leather looks pretty darn sweet, iCarbons does not recommend this application. Apparently if you ever remove it, it will pull the shiny coat off the leather (not that you ever would want to). However if applied to. The vinyl ones, it will apparently come right off with no ill affects. A good thing to keep in mind if you are worried about such things.

I give it five stars! It’s all that I expected and more. I can’t think of one thing bad to say about it. If you have not gotten one of these awesome kits yet, you can pick one up at today! Go get it!