Review: iCarbon’s iPad 2 Skin + iPad 2 Full Skin Giveaway

Most will agree that Apple hit a home run in the design department of the iPad 2. Sleek, light, and elegant, leaving very little room for improvement in the looks department. But what they didn’t offer was scratch resistance or any kind of grip when handling it. Sure you could buy one of any of the myriad of cases offered by third party vendors, but why would you want to muck up that sleek aluminum and glass with a bunch of bulk? Hmmm….what to do?

iCarbon’s carbon fiber (or fibre for you fancy European types) skin for the iPad 2 is the perfect way to add the scratch protection you need, without adding anything extra that you don’t want. Now, it won’t protect against drops or any mishaps like that, but it will give you a little something extra to hold on to so you won’t drop it while showing off at your local indy urban hipster coffee house, ordering your double soy grande skinny latte. Pair this up with a Smart Cover from Apple, and maybe a hard shell, snap on clear back, and you’ll have the perfect combination of looks and protection.

Felling a little let down because black or white carbon fiber’s not really your thing? Well, smile little camper, iCarbons hasn’t left you out. How about some rich wood offerings, in either a dark or light finish? Either one will go great with your new smoking jacket, pipe, and a fresh poured brandy. Ron Burgandy would be proud.

NOTE: the iCarbons dark wood iPad 2 full cover that you can win, will come with the standard Apple logo. The greenpois0n logo you see in this pictures was custom made by us.

So the sure way to be the envy of all of your friends is to get any of the iCarbons skins here or if you’re the luckiest person you know, you’ll be our next give away winner: an iCarbons dark wood iPad 2 full cover.


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All winners will be announced Friday after the final review!

See you tomorrow for the next product, and your next chance to win some cool iCarbons swag!