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Responsive Site vs. Apps

The rise of smartphones and tablets has caused many industries, particularly the online gaming industry, reason to pause and consider whether a native mobile app, or a responsive website is the way forward. Metro Casino is a highly populated website that uses responsive, interactive designs to keep users returning for more, not to mention allowing them a high level of engagement with the games they play.

On the surface it would appear that native apps have the upper hand, after all, we all enjoy downloading an app, or several, to convince ourselves that our smartphones, and ourselves, are working at their optimum level. However, there is the obvious problem that many of us download apps and then never use them, or at the very least, they’re used a couples of times and then deleted to make room. Not to mention you have the constant battle of which smartphone system you should opt for, or you can even choose both: IOS or Android. Taking a look at the latest article from Mashable, it becomes apparent that there is a lot more to the debate than your average set of pros and cons. It can be said that a responsive site is the better option, choosing it involves a lot more work than simply ensuring everything fits neatly onto a mobile phone screen.

That being said, when you read the Huffington Post ‘WATCH: App, Mobile Site or Responsive Design?’ it becomes clear that there are several avenues to go down to utilise your money and resources to help keep your customers returning to your services. You can streamline your conventional website and produce a mobile site, or you can take the responsive route and deliver an experience that is the same across the board, no matter how you choose to access it.

What becomes apparent from all these equally viable points is that a lot of time, consideration, and effort needs to be involved to ensure you get the most out of your money, and keep your consumers steadily increasing, or at the very least, at the same consistent volume. The best means of deciding which is the most effective and sustainable course of action for you, take a look at the helpful info graphic on Mobile Marketing Watch, the thorough list of ten questions definitely help to put both options in perspective.