‘Remove’ Available Within Six Months, But Not On iPhone

Back in February, we did a piece on Scalado’s ‘Remove‘ an upcoming photo app for iOS and Android devices that promises to remove unwanted people and objects from our photos…or so we thought at the time. Unfortunately that statement is completely false.

Recently we got in touch with the guys at Scalado, and they were kind enough to explain the whole misconception that seems to be floating around the internet about Remove.

Scalado makes foremost mobile imaging software (camera, album, editing), meaning directly for the OEM, ODM, platform, sensor, operators directly, and they’re pre embedded into the phones. They have been doing this for over 10 years now, and they’re nifty work is present in over 1 billion mobile phones. So the default camera, album, editing and so on in most phones is done by them.

Remove will be available in about 6 months, but they couldn’t/wouldn’t reveal which phones will get it. One thing is for sure – Remove is not an app, the iPhone is by no means an option, but some Android phones will get it.

When we first presented Remove back in February, the big question mark was if April Fools came earlier this year. How is this possible on a mobile phone? The way we understand it, Remove will take a sequence of photos, and basically all the elements are layers that you can add or remove. Photoshop-style…

If that’s the case, the demo ( see video below ) works really well. But we’re not sure how well it will work in real-life. I guess we’ll have to wait for 6 months or so and see…