Remembering Steve Jobs: Photo Gallery Throughout The Years

Check out this photographic history of one of the greatest man in the history: Steve Jobs….

It’s time to say goodbye to an iCon: Steve Jobs has passed away at age 56. He was visionary, revolutionary, transformative, innovative, pioneering and will forever live in our hearts.

Check out the photo gallery after the break…


The Electronics Club at Homestead High School
Age 14
Age 16
Age 17


With Woz and a blue box in 1974
Hippie days
With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976
With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976
With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976


Between Dan Kottke and Woz


With Dan Kottke



With Mike Marrkula

With Intel co-founder Bob Noyce

Behind Jef Raskin
Group photo, from L to R: Mike Scott, Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, Chris Espinosa and Woz


At Ben Rosen’s birthday with Regis McKenna

Outside Woz’s home

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