Qwiki: Visual Information Consumption Service Coming To The iPhone/iPad [video]

Qwiki is a visual information consumption service that presents information in a fluid assemblage of photos, videos, and spoken words. It’s the kind of service that would demo really great on an iPad, where you want to just sit back and watch as information is presented to you. Although the co-founders Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier showed a concept video of an iPhone wake-up app based on the service, they only actually showed it working on a laptop in Flash. During the deliberations backstage, the question was raised whether it would even work on the iPad.

Well, it turns out that it will and Qwiki already has an iPad prototype in development. One of the Qwiki engineers milling around backstage after the awards ceremony showed off one of the iPad prototype’s features (the ability to zoom a video to full-screen in the middle of a Qwiki). The engineer kind of has a Double-Rainbow moment over it.

[via TechCrunch]