QuickShottr for iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia: QuickShottr. As soon as you take a screenshot of your iPhone screen using the home / power quick tap method, QuickShottr uploads it directly to ImageShack and copies the link to the image into your clipboard, so you can paste it in any application you want.

How’s it work? Well after it’s installed and the device running 3.0 is restarted. You quickly and simultaniously depress the sleep/wake button and the home button to take a screenshot. You then depress the home button twice, which not only opens your favorites ( or whatever you have it set to in settings)

While it’s doing thus it uploads that lady screenshot to a public QuickShottr ImageShack account. It copies the URL to the screenshot in your clipboard so you can paste it in any text input field. You can use it to save if you have a limited MMS plan. You’d just take a screenshot if any image on your device you want to share. (That could be a settings screen to explain to a friend that can’t figure out where to change a setting) it could be a web page, a picture from your camera roll.

Yes I know that seems a bit over kill, but if you can’t afford to send an MMS or just don’t have MMS enabled. ( be that a financial issue, or that AT&T hasn’t got off their butts yet and activated it) you can send the link and the recipiant can open the link and view your image. The proccess is lightining fast even on my 3G.

Sorry but it only works with the last screenshot that you just took. Does not see to work with pictures you’ve taken with the camera, and if you delete the last screenshot it will not upload the next older screenshot.

So to share photos it’s kind of a hastle, but if you just have to share, and can’t MMS thus app could work for you. I’m sure if enough people wrote the dev they woukd try to figure out a way to make it also upload jpg’s and the last image in the camera roll even when some have been deleted poor to the home button double press.

NOTE: iPhone OS 3.0 ONLY.
Update: it also seems to just stop working after you delete any images from the camera roll. Or it only uploads so many images. I can’t say since it stopped after the deletions.