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Quickcam: Blazing Fast iOS Photography App Lets You Take Photos WHILE Shooting Video

QuickCam will change the way you think of photography on your iPhone. While it is a deceptively simple and has an easy to use interface, it is packed with unparalleled performance and advanced features that help you capture the moment anywhere, anytime.

If you still use the default camera, QuickCam is for you. Default camera simplicity with pro camera performance!

  • Simple rapid capture – just hold the still button!
  • Take photos WHILE taking video!
  • Fastest camera startup available (after 1st launch)
  • Easier controls (zoom, flashlight, auto-flash)
  • Saves directly to the camera roll with no waiting!


  • Fast startup requires leaving the app running in the background
  • QuickCam does not support 3G devices

And it doesn’t stop there. QuickCam has advanced features that are easy to access but stay out of the way:

  • Pinch to zoom (infinite zoom)
  • Single tap to set focus/exposure
  • Double tap to set exposure separately
  • Triple tap to reset zoom/focus/exposure
  • Fully multi-tasking aware

You will just feel the difference, but if you need the numbers, here they are:

App startup time:

  • Stock Camera: ~2.5sec
  • QuickCam: < 1 sec

Minimum time between pictures:

  • Stock Camera: > 1 sec
  • QuickCam: ~0.6 sec

Burst rate for stills (iPhone 4):

  • Stock Camera: Not available
  • QuickCam: ~2fps back cam, ~5fps front cam (hold the still button)

Time to switch from photo to video mode:

  • Stock Camera: ~1.8sec
  • QuickCam: Not required / automatic

Quickcam is available for $0.99 in the app store…

NOTE: this is by no means a pro camera iPhone app replacement