The PowerShare Charging Bundle: Charge Up to Six USB-Powered Devices With The PowerShare Reactor + PowerShare Adapter [video]


The PowerShare Reactor fulfills many needs in a charging station… and then it goes further, a long way further. It looks great and works even better, which is always a win in our book.

The PowerShare Adapter is a great home and away companion to help save outlet space. Being able to charge two (2) devices from one iPhone charger is critical sometimes. And when that happens, the Adapter comes through.

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Like its name suggests, the PowerShare Reactor provides ample power to your Apple, Android, or otherwise USB-charged devices, simultaneously. Featuring 4 USB ports that provide juice to one (1) tablet and three (3) smartphones at the same time, the PowerShare Reactor pumps out 5.1 Amps of total power, has built-in surge protection, and is covered in a sleek silicone exterior.

And it’s not bad to look at either, making it a handsome addition to any home or office, (which is good because you’ll want to place it in a prominent location for easy access). It’s small enough to take with you, and the power cord retracts into the bottom of the tower so you can toss it in your bag and go.


This genius little device turns your iPhone wall charger into two chargers instantly.Perfect for the frequent traveler or those of us who always put others first, the PowerShare for iPhone/iPod has saved many a low battery iPhone at just the right time.

Sorry Android fans, it’s only designed to work with Apple’s factory wall chargers.



  • Charge 4 Devices At Once – Apple, Android, or other USB-powered devices.
  • Styling You Don’t Mind Showing Off – In a world of wonky looking products and imported imitators, the Reactor stands apart.
  • Surge Protection – Built right in while still maintaining a slim design.
  • Eco-Friendly – Pulling only .3W of power when not in use and plugged in.
  • Cable Management – Retractable power cable for easy storage and portability.


  • Two iPhone/iPod charging ports
  • Saves valuable outlet space
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The perfect travel companion
  • Only compatible with Apple’s factory iPhone/iPod wall charger

The PowerShare Charging Bundle is available for a limited time for $49.99 ( retail price $75 – 33% off ) here

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