Power To The Users of FSMdotCOM

Everyday i try to make FSMdotCOM as user friendly , informational and helpful as possible. Everyday i think ( and try ) of new ways to make your life easier. Everyday i try to get in touch with you as much as possible.

But sometimes it’s kinda rough and tough to please all of you. I am just one and you are so many. I love it, but sometimes i just can satisfy all your needs. Well today i will bring something new to the FSMdotCOM show. Today i give YOU the power.
What do i mean by that? Well from now on, you can submit your own news. I will let you share your favorite news, that i probably missed. If you think that something will bring value to the FSMdotCOM community and of course iPhone/Touch community, all you need to do is contribute. I know you are confused but let me explain it to you. At the bottom of the sidebar, there is a new form with a couple of well known fields :

  • Name
  • Email
  • Post Title
  • Post URL
  • Image
  • Description

I believe the Name and Email fields are self explanatory. In the Post Title field you will need to input the name of the news you are submitting. In the Post URL field, the url to the original source. Image filed, is for you to upload a 45×45 px image related to the news you are submitting. And on the description field, you will write a short ( max 200 characters ) description of the news you want to submit. Simple isn’t it?

Once you completed all the fields you click on Submit News and the news you want to share will be visible to the rest of the world. You will be given full props for sharing such an interesting news and everybody will be happy.

The news section will be visible and reached at the middle of the sidebar and its labeled Community News.

NOTE : all news will be moderated.


i moved the Add News form below the Community News section. This way you can see whats on the news and feel inspired to share your own 🙂