Poddio – Professional Sound Recorder & Editor for iPhone and iPod Touch

Those of you that know me on , let’s say , a more personal level you know that im nuts about creative arts. Graphic design, typography, you name it. And those of you that are following me on twitter , you know that im nuts for music as well.

Just as a parenthesis to this post , a long time ago, when i was young i was messing with sound editors and mixers and all that. Here is a mix i’ve created called Soundtrack for Late Nights

Here is the playlist . Hope that you will enjoy this one.

01.RJD2 – Work
02.LOOPTROOP – Headsdayoff
03.WAX TAILOR – The Man With No Soul (feat. Charlotte Savary)
04.DJ SAYEM – Worlds of Flowers
05.DJ SHADOW – This Time
06.DJ CAM – Life Of Fortune & Fame
07.KID KOALA – Basin Street Blues
08.GOTAN PROJECT – Mi Confesion
09.HIGH TONE – Taniotoshi
10.PORTISHEAD – Sheared Box
12.IRA LEE – Little Japanese Girl
15.JAMIROQUAI – Talulah
16.DUSTY SPRINGFIELD – Son of a Preacher Man
17.LAMB – B Line (Herbaliser MIX)
18.PIZZICATO FIVE – Porno 3003 (Thievery Corp. RMX)
19.XZIBIT – The Foundation
20.ATMOSPHERE – The Woman With the Tattooed Hands
21.MACY GRAY – A Moment To Myself
22.N.O.H.A. – Past Windows
23.BELLERUCHE – Reflection

But let’s get back at Poddio.This is an amazing app which proves itself to be extremely helpful especially if you are a journalist or why not a student. A lazy one, but non-the-less a student.

You can record any sound , using the built-in mic in the iPhone. If you are on a iPod Touch , you can get a set of iPhone headphones with the mic on the right cable, or any other similar headphones ( cheaper and maybe with superior quality ) and you pretty much good to go. You can use this “technique” to make calls via VoIP ( fring  or any other app ).

One you recorded the sound ( interview, class, lecture w/e ) that you want, you can safe it as .caf , .wav and . aiff . Than the best part is that you can edit , the recording, and get only the parts that you want, you can share them anything you can imagine.

If you ever worked with a sound recorder ( maybe sony acid pro ) , you will have no trouble using Poddio. One downside to Poddio is, in my opinion , its ugly user interface. But i was told that they work on it, and would appreciate any suggestion for the next version. So please dont be shy to share your opinions.

Poddio it’s a little bit expensive though. It cost $9.99, but depending on your activity field , spending on this one you will get all the satisfaction you would expect from a product like Poddio. You can get Poddio from here .

Now i could do an endless tutorial on Poddio and embed thousands of screenshots. But i think that all of that would have been a waste of time and energy because this app is too damn complex for a image-text tutorial.

Instead , the guys at VeriCorder Technology INC. , did an amazing job presenting the basics of Poddio in this video :