First Picture of Next Gen iPhone?

If this is the next gen iPhone, im in love. You all could see 26 concepts of the next gen iPhone but none of them are like this one. It’s slim, its sexy, im loving the screen real estate ( realllllly love it ) and it seems like it got a green LED on the upper right corner, which indicates that the “iPhone Video” rumors might be as true as it gets.

Only one thing is , that is not quite on the same road as the rumours. According to the rumours the next gen iPhone will have a black bazel frame and this one seems that it has the same metalic frame. Or some sort of grey plastic?!?! Anyway, i really hope that this is the next gen iPhone or at least start from here and end at wicked awesome. The screen real estate is amazing. Did i mention that i love it? One thing that really disappointments me is the camera. Even if thats a 3.2 MP camera, it will suck soo bad. You can get 3.2 MP from the software, but its the same size, and that lens cant take all the light. So , really , Apple…. make a decent photo/video cell phone. Talk to Nokia for example 😉