“I’m On A Phone” Is A Lullaby Compared To Katt Williams And DJ Steve Porter

You might remember that Smule had a contest around their hit iPhone app I Am T-Pain. You also might remember how much i hate this tone deaf “artists”  and autotune . Anyway, the contest was quite fun and some creative videos were posted all over the internet. The winner was “I’m on a Phone” , a video directed by Michael and Christiano Covino .

If Smule wants to do another “auto-tune drives me crazy” contest, they should really consider taking a look at Katt Williams and Dj Steve Porter. This shit right here, is the most hilarious autotune made to date. Even more hilarious than Jimmy Kimmel and his Obama autotune vid

NOTE: contains words that some people might find offensive/racists and/or references to illicit behavior or actions.