Peaknet: iOS Browser Alternative

Ever wish mobile Safari had a few little feature like a built in URL shortener? How about being able to set an actual home page? How about the ability to see web pages as a computer instead of loading a watered down mobile version of a site? Well, here’s a solution for you : PeakNet.

It’s a new browser replacement app available for just $.99 in the app store, and packed with a whole lotta features:

  • Easily set a home page from right in the app.
  • Share links via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail.
  • Link shortening.
  • PC mode, which disables the mobile versions of sites.
  • View some flash content, by following a link in the app.
  • Bookmarks

Using the app is as simple as any other browser. Just tap and go . All of the apps settings and features are easily accessible from right in the app. No need to go hunting for them, or to close the app to use any of the features.

Some of the features are still a little on the buggy side. One issue we encountered was that we could never get it to save the home page after a reboot. And the iPad settings page doesn’t stay in landscape when accessing it. Other than needing some help in the UI department, not a bad app overall. Nice to see more universal apps in the app store even though we’re sticking to Mobile Safari because of the bookmark syncing. But we will keep PeakNet around for those few times that we need to view flash content.

So if you’re looking for browser with a little social networking flair, PeakNet is available for $0.99 in the app store…