Peacemaker: The First iPad DJ App To Use Spotify [video]


DJing is great fun and full of creative possibilities but often means having to buy expensive gear and be limited to only use music from local files . Pacemaker for iPad completely changes this with its beautiful interface, ease of use and Spotify’s music library built right in.

Mixing music should be as easy as adding a filter to a photo. To achieve this, Pacemaker for iPad’s design is stripped of as many real world references as possible. The outcome is a design that feels natural, fun and fits the iPad perfectly.

With Pacemaker’s exclusive connection to Spotify the barrier to effortlessly explore and mix new music is removed and the creative possibilities are endless. “Our vision has always been to make it possible for anyone to have fun with music. With the design of Pacemaker for iPad and its integration of Spotify, I think we’re on the right track,” said Jonas Norberg Co-founder & CEO, Pacemaker.

  • Free: Pacemaker for iPad is completely free. Users have the option to upgrade and buy effects, filters and extended functionality in the Pacemaker In-App Store.
  • Design and Technology: With its carefully crafted interface and powerful mix engine, Pacemaker for iPad is easy to use and very responsive.
  • Free Spotify Premium trial: Pacemaker for iPad comes with a Spotify Premium trial so that you can start mixing right away.
  • Local files: With Pacemaker for iPad you can mix tracks from both iTunes and Spotify.

Peacemaker for iPad is available for free on the App Store