Third Party Browsers on iPhone Allowed by Apple

HELL FREEZES OVER! So do what you want, there’s no such thing as a sin no more.Yesterday Apple began approving third party Web browsers for distribution via the iTunes App Store reports MacRumors. Previously to this sudden about-face iPhone Web browsers wanting to compete with Mobile Safari, Apple’s bundled and pre-docked Web browser, were considered off limits because they “duplicated functionality” already on the iPhone.

Edge Browser (Free) – No loss of screen real estate to the address or navigation bars.
Incognito ($1.99) – Now you can browse without leaving a history of any kind.
WebMate:Tabbed Browser ($0.99) – Web Mate simplifies browsing by queuing up all the links you click on, then allowing you to view them one by one when you’re ready.
Shaking Web ($1.99) – adds a sophisticated algorithm to compensate for small hand shaking to allow for easier reading.

MacRumors notes that this is the second major shift in Apple’s approval policy for iPhone software. The first was last month’s admittance of flatulence applications (i.e. Pull My Finger and iFart Mobile) that were previously denied entry due to “limited utility.”

If there’s anything in the world you wish that apple will allow on iPhone , what would it be?