Preview: Incase x Shepard Fairey Capsule Collection

Releasing later this year is a collaborative capsule collection by Incase and artist Shepard Fairey. Together the two produced a nice range of items, comprised of bags and backpacks, as well as laptop sleeves, iPad and iPhone cases. The artist created compelling graphics and patterns for the collection, which is branded with both ‘Shepard Fairey’ … Continue reading “Preview: Incase x Shepard Fairey Capsule Collection”

Blue Busters: Apple’s 1984 Ghostbusters Parody [video]

“Blue Busters” as the video is entitled, is a company advert which targeted its major rival at the time, IBM, which has always been referred to as “Big Blue”. The AP reports that Jobs is present in the video but all we can make out is Steve Wozniak near the end. Jump over the break and check … Continue reading “Blue Busters: Apple’s 1984 Ghostbusters Parody [video]“

Apple Removes ‘Explicit’ App Category From iTunes

Last night Apple added an ‘explicit’ app category in iTunes Connect, and the thought was that, it would be a new category above and beyond the 17+ rating. Well, surprise, surprise… Apple already removed it.

New Apple Event In September: No, There’s No Tablet! You Can Chill Now…

In July i said that there will be another Apple Event at the end of august, and also that i wont buy a 3Gs until that event, because even if its an amazing device, im still disappointed with the upgrade. But it seems i was not that well informed, but not too far off. The next Apple event will be held on September 9th and Apple wont announce the much anticipated tablet, everybody was talking about.