HOW TO: Use iPhoDroid To Install Android OS On Your iPhone [video]

Yesterday we told you about iPhoDroid , an easy automated way to install Android OS on your iPhone. We got a lot of emails about the app, so we decided to do a video tutorial.

Alien Dalvik 2.0 Lets You Run Android Apps on iPad

First, you could dual-boot iOS and Android OS on your iPhones thanks to people like PlanetBeing, Sergio McFly ( iPhodroid ) and all the guys behind the iDroid Project. Now, thanks to developers @ Myriad, Android apps can run on Apple’s iPad via Alien Dalvik v2.0 which they announced as part of the company’s push for Android software on tablets, TVs, in-care infotainment and more.

MagicLocker: Get The iPhone Lockscreen on Your Android Device

As you might know, Android OS was successfully ported to the iPhone. It all started with Planetbeing about a year and some change ago and continued with iPhoDroid and Bootlace. Thanks to all this guys, we can have a dual-boot iPhone ( iOS and Android OS ) in minutes. But, what about Android users?