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At last you can easily get your Hotmail on your iPhone. m•Box Mail is designed to help you get your Hotmail as you are used to getting your Hotmail. It is like the “native” or built-in mail application on the iPhone – only it speaks the Windows Live Hotmail protocol.

Finally, you can have your Hotmail messages and folders on your iPhone screen ready to use at a moment’s notice. No more trying to log onto a Web site and struggling through your email. Instead you can access your Hotmail, organize it, delete it and send it – all from your iPhone, with the familiar iPhone user interface you’ve become so adept at using.

Our customers are iPhone users who prefer to use Windows Live Hotmail for their email. Here are the features that m•Box Mail gives you:

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image1188652127.jpgNew app on my iPhone :’s great , east to use and you can update your blog on the go no matter where you are.You can do exactly what you can do in front of your computer. Add links, images , select category etc. I can’t find any text editor : I can’t find where I can bold words or anything else. But it seems that,  this is the only thing this app is lacking. You really need to check this app out . You can buy iBlogger from the app store for 9.99 buks or if you have your iPhone jailbreaked … you know what you need to do :p


iBlogger features include:
* easily configure your blog in seconds: RSD (Real Simple Discovery) and automatic configuration makes iPhone bloggers happy!
* post your thoughts
* include a picture
* select categories
* include tags to help promote your blog
* include links in your post
* include a customizable standard signature
* include a location link at the touch of a button
* URL keyboard type for URL entry
* tested on WiFi, 3G and EDGE networks, works great
* Secure HTTPS connections if your blog supports it

Does iBlogger work with my blog?

iBlogger is compatible with the most popular blog engines, including:
* Blojsom
* Drupal
* ExpressionEngine
* MovableType
* TypePad
* WordPress

iBlogger has optimized plugins which ensure easy configuration and compatibility for these Blog Hosting Services:
* LifeType
* LivingDot
* SquareSpace
* TypePad
* WordPress
* Xanga
* Blogspot/Blogger (picture posting for Blogspot blogs will come in a future release)

If it’s not listed above, iBlogger may not have been tested with your blog. iBlogger should work with most any blog engine which provides one of these generic API types, included in iBlogger:
* Other MetaWeblog
* Other MovableType

iBlogger cannot connect if a blog’s web server redirects the URL more than once. It may crash or produce an error “site not found” during configuration. This issue will be fixed in iBlogger 1.0.7.

WORK AROUND: Configure your blog using the canonical (“final”) URL. For example, if:

redirects to

then use the latter URL to configure iBlogger 1.0.6.

What’s on my iPhone – iPhone APPS REVIEW

First and foremost i want to tell you that my iPhone it is jailbreaked. If your iPhone is not jailbreaked, i suggest you do it because jailbreaking presents no risk to your iPhone, fix some bugs, and the posibilities are pretty much unlimited after you do that. Think about it, do a research about jailbreaking and  who knows…

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