Stanford University started a few months ago with a new class: CS193P iPhone Application Programming. The course is focused on the iPhone application development using Cocoa Touch. Since yesterday they have also published the complete lectures in PDF format.

To follow the course you will need an Intel-based Macintosh with iPhone SDK installed on it. An iPhone is not strictly necessary as the vast majority of the work can be done using the iPhone simulator.

  • Introduction
  • Assignment 1A
  • Assignment 1B
  • Handout / Overview
  • Syllabus
  • Lecture 2 to 12 PDFs


Just one stop to be completely satisfied : This site is only viewable on your iphone/ipod touch and allows you to watch tv shows and movies that members have uploaded. You will have to create an account to join but its free and definitely worth it.

How To Upload

To upload movies, go to the website on your computer. Guidelines for uploading are as followed:

  • File uploads must be under 1GB in size.
  • You can upload multiple files/folders by dragging and dropping them.
  • Once your upload is complete please post your files into the proper folders using your iPhone by clicking the “Post Uploads” link.
  • If you don’t post your file within 24 hours of uploading then it will be posted by an admin and you will lose credit for the upload.
  • No CAM, TS, or horrible quality videos, they will likely be deleted!
  • No music uploads!


Also, don’t just leech off of this website to watch what you want. Make the attempt to upload some of what you have too.



I found this ToyCamera iPhone app today.And to be honest it is great.Enhancement for the iPhone built-in camera which really, kinda suck. It is a pretty simple app, with no settings panel. All you have to do is to take a photo, look at it decide if u want to keep it or retake the photo and that’s it. ToyCamera does its job. There is no photo editing knowledge involved. ToyCamera automatically apply different effect to the photo. The only thing is that you have no control over the effects. I took several photos on a dim light in my room and some had the effect you see in the picture attached to this post, someΒ  were black and white, and some had a hint of sepia. At first i thought ToyCamera apply the effects wit a random algorithm, but now i really think its based on the light that hits that object/element that you shoot.

The quality of the images that i took tonight really suck. They all look like u had a 90×90 px avatar and u changed the size of them to a 800×600 wallpaper.That’s the feeling I’m getting from this pictures. And if that’s not enough it looks like the photos were scanned and they got ” scanner dust ” on them.

I cant wait to try it tomorrow on daylight and see what the results will be. The image provided by the developers of ToyCamera its really impressive.


Are you familiar with M.C. Escher’s work? Most certainly! Maybe you don’t know it but you are. Let’s put it this way? Are you a family guy fan? Of course you are. I don’t remember the season or the episode number, but its the one where Brian goes back to college. And at some point in the episode there is a painting on the wall with 2 hands drawing each other? remember? yes you do that’s one of M.C.Escher most famous pieces.

Anyway if you still don’t know what am i talking about, M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist. He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture and tessellations. Basically his amazing work is built around impossible objects such as the Necker cube and the Penrose triangle.

Now since i don’t own a PSP or a PS3 for that matter ( i know, im lame πŸ™ ) i didn’t know about this badass game that is available for them. OMFG i am speechless. It is called ECHOCHROME and you help your guy/girl well robot/stickman walk it’s path through a M.C. Escher univers scene. I can’t describe it in greater detail because like i said , my sorry ass dont own a PSP or a PS3 but i belive that this video will give you a feeling of what is all about….. gotta get my hands on this one :D:D:D

GPS ON YOUR 1st GEN iPhone

Finally after all the wait Orange Gadgets is preparing to release the first GPS plug-in for the first gen iPhone.
Included with the GPS module is a 6ft USB-A to micro USB-B cable for on-the-go or at home charging. With this cable you will be able to charge your iPhone or iPod touch while the module is plugged into your handheld device. A suitable USB car charger, USB wall charger or USB desktop/laptop port is required for this functionality (not included). The cable and the GPS device come together for the price of $75 + shipping.

It appears the GPS module will communicate with a 3rd party app along with google maps if the images on their site are any indication. It is currently not clear whether or not you need to have a jailbroken phone to use the GPS module but if I were to take a shot in the dark I’d say probably yes.