I was about to review this app myself, but since is a voice/sound related app how can i describe in words the experience that i had with this iPhone app . So, i found this video which demonstrates the power of Sonic Vox iPhone app . You can find Sonic Vox in the app store for 99 cents ( i belive ).

It’s not expensive at all, and if you have your iPhone jailbreaked you will have lots of fun for free. Just swipe your finger to the left and say ” Luke, ….. I AM your father… ” ; yeah baby, c’mon I KNOW you want that. Dont act like you wont do that 😀


Brightkite makes it easy to meet people based on the places you go. In real-time, you can browse profiles of people around you, see what your friends are up to, post photos and notes to places, all while maintaining comprehensive control over your privacy.

Brightkite for the iPhone puts the most popular features of right into the palm of your hand. Features include:

* Auto geo-location including Place Snapping and Pick a Place
* Notifications (nearby friends, posts, friend requests, comments & mentions)
* Posting photos and notes to locations
* Nearby people and activity feed
* Friends lists and activity feed
* People, places and posts search
* Threaded messaging
* Profile streams
* Place steams
* Placemarks
* Commenting on posts

Get an invite: here


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This is one of the best apps so far for the mighty iPhone. It is mind blowing. Explore  the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population and a third of the world’s land mass.

google earth for iPhone is a must

  • Tilt your iphone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain.
  • Show the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
  • View geo-located Wikipedia articles
  • Use the Location feature to fly to your current location
  • Search for cities, places, and business around the globe with Google Local Search


“Please Fix the iPhone is a technological ode to our favorite phone. A modern love poem. Sure, nothing is perfect, but this site brings together little musings and lustful tech haiku about the finest phone and how to make it even better. So take your favorite iPhone mantra and add it to the many wishes on the site in the hope that Apple will take notice.”

PLEASE FIX THE iPhone website


At last you can easily get your Hotmail on your iPhone. m•Box Mail is designed to help you get your Hotmail as you are used to getting your Hotmail. It is like the “native” or built-in mail application on the iPhone – only it speaks the Windows Live Hotmail protocol.

Finally, you can have your Hotmail messages and folders on your iPhone screen ready to use at a moment’s notice. No more trying to log onto a Web site and struggling through your email. Instead you can access your Hotmail, organize it, delete it and send it – all from your iPhone, with the familiar iPhone user interface you’ve become so adept at using.

Our customers are iPhone users who prefer to use Windows Live Hotmail for their email. Here are the features that m•Box Mail gives you:

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