P0sixNinja Released Four New Jailbreak Utilities And New Greenpois0n Components Source Codes

A few days ago we told you that P0sixNinja released the source-code of Greenois0n (pre-alpha). Today, he released four new jailbreak utilities and new greenpois0n components source codes. Also, as soon as OS 4.0 leaves the beta stage, P0sixNinja is planning to release an improved version of genpass, which is used to generate vfdecrypt keys to decrypt iPhone filesystems.

New utilities and description after the jump…

New utilities :

  • idevicerestore: A new tool capable of restoring IPSWs to devices without the help of iTunes. Also capable of doing other neat stuff such as upgrading stock firmware without flashing nor (to preserve jailbreaks) or baseband (to preserve unlocks).
  • ideviceactivate: A new utility to designed to activate devices without the help of iTunes. Hopefully soon this will even allow users to activate unlocked devices, or devices without an official AT&T SIM.
  • spirit-linux: An open source version of the Spirit jailbreak for the Linux platform (and possibly soon others).
  • libirecovery: A library to help developers communicating with iBoot, iBSS, iBEC and DFU, as well as a brand new, completely rewritten, and MUCH improved irecovery.

New Greenpois0n components source codes :

  • GreenPois0n Cyanide: Is a cross-platform iBoot payload toolkit to help developers discover new vulnerabilities and design super fast, low-level iBoot jailbreaks and exploit payloads, much like the way blackra1n/purplera1n works.
  • GreenPois0n Anthrax: Is a cross-platform iPhone ramdisk toolkit to help developers design extremely stable and portable ramdisk jailbreaks, much like the same way quickpwn/redsn0w works.
  • GreenPois0n Dioxin: Is cross-platform MobileDevice toolkit designed to help developers design awesome userlevel jailbreaks, much the same way spirit jailbreak works.
  • GreenPois0n Arsenic: new, cross-platform custom firmware toolkit to help developers design jailbreaks to help preserve baseband and keep unlocks, much in the same way PwnageTool/Sn0wBreeze works.