OZO: Nokia Reveals New Virtual Reality Camera [video]


Nokia has reveled OZO, a new camera for filmmakers that can capture virtual reality videos. OZO is a spherical shape camera with eight shutter sensors to capture 360-degree videos and eight integrated microphones.

While shooting, OZO can show you in real-time what’s capturing through a VR headset, and you can also get a low-res version of the footage shot within a few minutes – where, with other similar cameras, you usually have to stitch all the videos together before you can see the footage

Of course, directors can always publish high-res versions later on for VR viewing devices, including HUDs like the Oculus Rift. One studio, Jaunt Inc., has already pledged to use and support the OZO despite having a more traditional VR camera of its own. Nokia hasn’t revealed the device’s full specs and pricing yet, but it’s slated to be shipped out by the fourth quarter of 2015.