First Look At The Official Twitter Client For Mac

With the new Mac App store, everybody is in a rush to check out new apps. Us included. The first app, one that I’ve been waiting for is Tweetie 2 for Mac. Except I don’t think its coming, because like the iOS version, its now Twitter’s official Mac client.

Looking very polished, and Mac like, its exactly what you would expect from the developers. Smooth animations, multi-touch gestures, translucent side-bar. Looks to me like iOS is coming to OSX sooner than this summer.

If you’ve been a Tweetie user, you’ll find yourself right at home. All of its features that you have gotten used to are still there. Like new tweets in your timeline are shown in the menubar, and you can set the preferences to hide/show the timeline from that same menubar icon. Got multiple accounts? You can still add those and switch back and forth seamlessly. Same as before with Tweetie. So, if you liked Tweetie, you’ll love Twitter for Mac…go get it.

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