OCDock: The Space-saving, “Wireless” iPhone 5/5s/5c Dock [video]


The OCDock (OC stands for “Obsessively Clean”) is a beautiful, minimally designed iPhone 5 dock that seamlessly attaches to your iMac or Thunderbolt display stand. It’s not immediately obvious how the dock gets power, and that’s the beauty of its deceptively simple design. A paper-thin cable runs underneath, plugging into a USB port on the rear of the display. Every dock is crafted from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum, glass bead-blasted and anodized, so it matches the finish of your iMac/Thunderbolt Display perfectly.


  • World’s Thinnest iPhone Cable: Seamlessly hides underneath your computer display, making the dock seem wireless.
  • Accept Calls on OS X: Accept calls never letting go of your computer mouse.
  • Skype / Facetime: Docked iPhone is at a perfect angle in front of you for a video chat.
  • Display favorite apps: Keep news, time management, etc apps open right in front of you.
  • Texts via computer: iMessages / SMS – It’s just easier to type on a real keyboard.
  • Moving Plate System: The regular OCDock has a patent pending moving plate that easily accommodates most iPhone cases. OCDock has three interchangeable silicone supports included (for the naked iPhone, for slim cases and for larger cases).


  • Accommodates most popular iPhone 5/5S/5C protective cases due to the patent-pending moving plate system
  • Can be used with Apple iMacs as well as Thunderbolt Displays (2009 models and newer)

The OCDock is available for $54.99 ( reg. priced at $80 ) here.