NudeAudio Studio 5 Sound Dock


NudeAudio’s first foray into the home looks just as effortlessly great as their line of Move portable speakers. From the big, wrap-around speaker grill to the matte plastic body and brushed aluminum details, the Studio 5 would be hard to pick out as the budget speaker next to the name brands at Best Buy. Same goes for a blind sound test: connected to an iPhone 5s, paired to a couple iPods via Bluetooth, or tethered to anything else with a standard 3.5mm cord, the Studio 5 puts out rich, impressive sound. That’s because the NudeAudio team has pumped the money (and headache) into better components and technology within this dock.

That includes dual Bluetooth (with aptX and AAC coding) so you can keep your and a roommate’s iPods paired to the speaker simultaneously. This means no more tedious pairing process when you want to switch music libraries. The Studio 5 also packs bass control via a manual dial in the back that lets you fine tune your speaker to taste. The dock is powered by a standard 16V DC adapter and comes with international plug adapters.

The Studio 5 Sound Dock is available for $179 here

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