NMA Pays Surprisingly Classy Tribute to Steve Jobs [video]

Next Media Animations pays a surprisingly classy tribute to Steve Jobs – Apple’s founder and innovator who revolutionized the way the world uses technology.

We at Next Media Animation mourn his passing and celebrate his life. Our thoughts are with his family and his four young children.

Apple and Steve Jobs have featured prominently in our animations. This was not due to enmity or ill will. It was because we admired him. We admired the way he could capture so many of our imaginations.

Steve Jobs made the world fall in love with and embrace technology. Much of what Next Media Animation does – indeed what any media company does – would be impossible were it not for Steve Jobs.

He impacted how animation gets made. How it gets edited. How its get delivered and viewed all over the world. For that we are deeply grateful.

We will miss animating you, Steve. Thanks so very much.

[thx Mandy]