New iPhone 6 Concept Features A 4.7-inch Screen, Improved Touch ID, New Design [video]

ip6_Conjunt.525bWe’ve seen a bunch of iPhone 6 concepts so far. From curved screens, to wrap around screens, we’ve seen them all ( check them all here ). We also showed out an iPhone Air concept and an amazing iPhone Air introductory, unboxing and TV ad video concept. And today, we’re showing you a new iPhone 6 concept by Spanish industrial designer Alex Casabo.

Alex’s concept shows an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-Inch Gorilla Glass 3 display, an Apple A8 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a 600 DPI pixel density screen and packing a 1930mAh battery. And it’s just 5.5mm thick.

Jump over the break to check out the concept in greater detail…

ip6_Conjunt.504b ip6_Conjunt.535 ip6_Conjunt.534b ip6_Conjunt.531 ip6_Conjunt.514b ip6_Conjunt.515b ip6_Conjunt.502 ip6_Conjunt.532bbyalex
ip6_Conjunt.504bb ip6_Conjunt.533
ip6_Conjunt.498 copia