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NetNewsWire 2.0: RSS App for iPhone With Google Sync

In case you dont know what NetNewsWire, and the title of this article didn’t help you, it is a RSS reader developed by the dudes at NewsGator.

The new version features sync with Google Reader, NewNewsWire for Macintosh, and FeedDemon for Windows. If you read an item on your iPhone, you don’t have to read it again on your desktop. Its automatically marked as read everywhere.

You can star items or send them to Instapaper to save them for later. You can also email articles or post links to Twitter to share with friends.If there are feeds you don’t want to read on your iPhone, you can hide them.

The app is available in a free ad supported version or a premium paid version. NetNewsWire Premium is available now for $1.99 until October when it will go up to $4.99.

Download NetNewsWire Free or Premium