MusicFlow: AirPlay For The AppleTV Deprived!


AirPlay is probably the coolest and most useful thing on my iPhone. I use it constantly. Why? Because, lets face it… Movies, videos, music, games, and pictures look MUCH better on a 60″ TV then they do on that 3.5″/4″ screen in your poket. One tiny issue though, not all of us have the extra HDMI port, or the money to throw down for an AppleTV. Does that mean these people are just out of luck? Well… No. At least not entirely.

A recent edition to the AppStore seeks to help you poor AppleTV deprived people. Of coarse I speak of Music Flow.


What’s it do? Well just like the name might suggest, it wirelessly stremes your music to most devices that support such things… even if they are not little black hockey pucks. You can even stream to your Xbox 360 (as long as it’s got all it’s updates, and your router is configured properly)!!

One thing to note on streaming outside of the airplay ecosystem, it’s not instant. In fact, I noticed as much as a 30 second delay before my music started playing on the Xbox. Aside from that little technical problem, MusicFlow will keep you rocking all night, regardless what you have on top of your TV.

MusicFlow is available now on the App Store here…