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MuscleNerd and GeoHot: Two Different Views On Early 3.1.3 Upgraders

After George said that there is no solution for 3.1.3 on newer devices or 05.12.01 baseband, he tweeted again ( by the way, did you notice theres a FSM celebration everytime George or MuscleNerd tweets? ) stating the obvious harsh reality. The firmware that Apple pushed a couple of days ago is not of such importance , that people absolutely must upgrade their devices.

Most of the time a in-between release is pushed by Apple to fix a couple of minor bugs, and if you are using a jailbroken/unlocked device you should never rush into updating  your device. You should always wait for the community to figure out the new release. Because of that , George made it loud and clear that a new tool release would help only the dumb users.

Since this is not a major update and the existing tools are able to jailbreak firmware 3.1.3 on half of the devices, it is only natural that no one will bother on updating any tool, since theres a major OS update just around the corner.

Although we feel sorry for for the users that updated and are stuck right now ( let’s face it, some of them updated by mistake ) , but in the same time we can’t agree more with George, here comes a more calm and calculated reply from MuscleNerd. He says that this could be an opportunity for the unfortunate users to practice their downgrade.

No matter if you love or hate them , agree or not with them this is how it is, and don’t forget that without people like MuscleNerd ( DevTeam ) and GeoHot your iDevices wouldn’t be where they at today.