Modded ProSwitcher: Tweaks For ProSwitcher Multitasking Manager

So we showed you ProSwitcher back when it was still in Beta. And since then it has been released, and proven to be a very useful and well designed multitasking manager. ProSwitcher is an open source project, meaning that as long as credit is given where credit is due, you can write your own version of it.

Well, heres a new version. Everything here is pretty much the same as the original ProSwitcher, with a few little usability tweaks. Here’s just a few of the new tweaks:

  • New activation methods
  • Resize the cards showing the backgrounded applications.
  • Change the opacity or the card that is not the one you are viewing(focused on)
  • Adding a card for the springboard app
  • Disabling the stock backgrounded applications like phone and mail and iPod
  • Ability to disable or show the dock when ProSwitcher is open.

With ProSwitcher being open source, expect more of these nifty little tweaks to appear in the near future.

Download the modded version of ProSwitcher here. Remove the current ProSwitcher first ( via Cydia ) , and install both .deb files.

Check out the video for a quick little walk thru.