Miniot Reinvents the Wheel with this Minimalist Turntable [video]

Novelty turntables seems to be all the rage lately. From smartphone-controlled turntables to floating turntable to vertical turntables.

So why not add another one to the list? A turntable that’s “just a wheel”…

At first look, this turntable seems incomplete. There’s no external stylus and tonearm. So how do you play your records?

The “Wheel” contains all its mechanics within the platter to maintain the desired minimalistic look. The tonearm is placed upside down inside the platter and comes with a non-replaceable Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge. However, the stylus is user replaceable.

There’s also no buttons on the deck. All functions are controlled by the gently manipulating the spindle while the turntable connects wirelessly to your audio system.

The design of the “Wheel” ensures that you can use it both horizontally and vertically.

For more info on the “Wheel” check out the video below and the official Kickstarter project page here.