Meteo: A Weather Application Using OpenWeatherMap API

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward and fully featured weather app for your linux machine, you should take a look at meteo, a weather app for linux that uses OpenWeatherMap API.

It can be set to featch your location automatically and includes a lot of information including pressure, humidity, wind speed and sunrise/sunset times.

What makes meteo even more special is the system tray applet that, when clicked, shows a handy drop down packed with information like humidity, cloudiness, sunrise/sunset times. It should also show the degrees however you might need to work around that since many distros dropped support for AppIndicator/Ayatana indicator.


It even includes a dark theme that can be enabled in the settings along side with some other general options like the units you wish to use to display the weather info, update frequencey  and if meteo should auto locate you or not.



  • Current weather, with information about temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, sunrise & sunset.
  • Forecast for next 18 hours.
  • Forecast for next five days.
  • Choose your units (metric, imperial or british).
  • Choose your city, with maps help.
  • Awesome maps with weather info.
  • System tray indicator.

meteo is available ofr Ubuntu and derivates, Debian and derivates, Fedora, Arch and derivates, as a Flatpak or a Snap package.

For more info and how to install it on your distro, check out the project’s Gitlab page.