Meet CompleteDock: The Real Universal Dock [video]

Since the introduction of the iPhone 5, consumers have been rallying in large numbers to complain that all their docks and cables will now become obsolete and useless.

CompleteDock changes all that with their simple interchangeable connections to allow docking for a wide range of devices.

With its simple, yet elegant, solid aluminium design it will certainly serve the needs of many for a number of years without damage or disruption.

The charging connector can be swapped out for a 30-pin, Lightening, or Micro-USB. The alternate dock connectors will incur a small extra fee as they have to be purchased separately. However, if you back the KickStarter project, you can get the first alternate dock connector completely free of charge. Also available are alternate rear supports to allow for different devices and viewing angles.

The CompleteDock is available in either black or white and a beautiful titanium-coated version will be available later this month. We will be performing a full hands-on review of the CompleteDock early next month so stay tuned!