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Medusa Enables SlideOver, SplitView and Picture-in-Picture on Any iOS 9 Device


Your iPad or iPhone works just fine and you don’t think upgrading right now it’s justifiable. But you want the features available only on the new devices. Don’t worry, once you’re jailbroken sky is the limit. We already showed you how to enable 3D Touch on any device that supports iOS 9 now let’s see how to enable SlideOver, SplitView and Picture-in-Picture on any iOS 9 device.

Simply put, Medusa takes care of all of this. It’s a free tweak that you can find in Cydia via BigBoss repo. Once installed it will enable all these features on older iPads.

But what about iPhones? Well, Medusa for iPhone is still in beta stages and it’s a bit buggy but if you want to give it a try all you have to do is add a 3rd party repo in Cydia:


Medusa also allows you to install add-ons and Steven Troughton-Smith has already made one that enables Picture-in-Picture on the iPhone. To get the add-on, install Medusa on your iPhone, and also install iFile if you haven’t already.

On your iPhone, tap on this link, and choose to open in iFile. Install the .deb in iFile and reboot your device. ( or download the .deb file to your computer, send it to your iPhone via email and open the attachment with iFile ).

Here’s a video of Medusa working on the iPhone