MagicLocker: Get The iPhone Lockscreen on Your Android Device

As you might know, Android OS was successfully ported to the iPhone. It all started with Planetbeing about a year and some change ago and continued with iPhoDroid and Bootlace. Thanks to all this guys, we can have a dual-boot iPhone ( iOS and Android OS ) in minutes. But, what about Android users? They can get an almost identical clone of the iPhone lockscreen, using a free app called MagicLocker – exciting!

The app comes ‘packed’ with two themes – one is the iPhone lockscreen theme, and another one – called Robot Lost – a 3-point grungy droid theme.

The iPhone lock screen theme looks and ( we can only assume ) feels like a real iPhone. It will even change your lock screen background with the iOS charging battery graphic when the device is plugged in. The only difference would be the status bar and the unread message count.

MagicLocker can be downloaded for free from the Android Market…

[thx Chris]