First Look: Loudmouth, Twitter App For The AppleTV 2

Do you use your jailbroken Apple TV for more than just renting movies from iTunes? Of course you do, otherwise why would you jailbreak it? New add-ons from devs are coming everyday, and here’s one that all of you social networking butterflies are going to love….Twitter has come to your ATV, and not just a webpage to view via a browser either..… a new app for the Apple TV 2. From Thomas Cool (@TomCool420) developer behind screenCapture, MainMenu Weather, and Overflow to name a few, comes a native Twitter client for your jailbroken ATV.

This is the first Twitter Client for the ATV and by the smooth look and feel, a lot of work has gone into it. Currently in beta , we were given a chance to test it out. Currently there is no ETA for release, so please be patient.

Fitting in the menu bar on the Apple TV, its just like any other app.Using the Apple remote app along with another iOS device, navigating thru the app is a breeze. Using the pop-up keyboard to post tweets is as simple as typing on a regular keyboard and hitting go!

Even cooler than just your standard features such as DM, timeline and @replies, you can, if you have it installed, open links in CouchSurfer(web browser for the ATV)

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