LEGO x Belkin ‘Builder’ Case For iPhone 5 And iPod Touch [video]

lego-belkin-iphone5-case-3-FSMdotCOMBack in February, we told you that Belkin teamed up with LEGO to create “innovative and fun accessories” for mobile devices and today, the company has announce the official release of the ‘builder case’ for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.

The ‘builder case’  is made of a co-molded hard plastic back for scratch-resistance with a semi-flexible outer frame for shock-absorption. The best part is that it’s designed with an official LEGO Base Plate, so you can go crazy customizing it with your favorite LEGO bricks.

The Belkin x LEGO ‘builder’ case is available now at the official Belkin webstore….

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lego-belkin-iphone5-case-4-FSMdotCOM lego-belkin-iphone5-case-5-FSMdotCOM
lego-belkin-iphone5-case-2-FSMdotCOM lego-belkin-iphone5-case-1-FSMdotCOM