Kuratas: 13-Foot iPhone-Controlled Robot Travels At 6 MPH [video]

Designed by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, this 13-foot robot named Kuratas is a diesel-powered humanoid-robot weighing in at about 9,920 pounds. Kuratas was initially presented by the group of engineers at the annual Wonder Fest 2012 in Tokyo.

The robot seats one person in it’s cockpit, from which you can control it’s four giant legs, wheels, waist, and two fully articulated arms.

If that’s not all wildly impressive enough for you, the robot also comes with a multi-rocket launcher (fires plastic rockets only) and two cannons that can shoot 6,000 plastic BBs per minute.Cop one now for $1.3 million and they’ll even let you customize the color and upholstery.

What does someone actually do with one of these, you ask? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but check out the video below to see it in action.